Gwyl Rhuthun Festival has its roots in the twinning of Ruthin with Briec in Brittany. It is an established and evolving relationship which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The festival is inextricably linked with the community; in fact, we, the festival committee, are representative of that community, coming as we do from all backgrounds – and we are all volunteers: but, as volunteers, we are always in need of help – your help. Everyone and anyone can contribute to the festival – you don’t need to be a committee member. If you are a local business with expertise and time – we’d love your help. If you are an enthusiastic DIYer with skills to help promote the festival experience – we’d love your help. If you feel you have no skills but still want to join in – we’d love your help. If you have space in your farms, homes, garages or sheds where we can store festival equipment – we’d love your help. Below are the photographs and names of the festival committee with the means by which you can contact us if you feel you would like to contribute. Together, the Committee, the people of Ruthin and surrounding villages can work together to promote Gwyl Rhuthun Festival. Using our innate ideals of culture, community and passion we can impress our identity on North Wales to forge and strengthen the link with our past, present and future.
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